Here at Earth Surface Engraving, we’re confident that our Personalized Engraved Stones are among the very best to be found. We know this because we take Great pride in our Workmanship and in the amount of time that we Dedicate to each and every engraving project. This commitment ensures a custom stone engraving that is sure to please our Valued Customers. Please explore our website to view many examples our our past work. We use only Natural Rock & Stone, and always carve deeply for beauty & durability.


The Stone, Design Proofs, Engraving, Flat Black Paint Fill (if desired), Free Shipping.

• Quality and Customer Focus from Design to Finish.

• A Hand Selected, Natural Stone of the Type and Size that You Choose.

• A Custom Design Proof that is shown as an Overlay on top of a Digital Photo of Your Stone.

• With your approval, the Final Design will be Carefully and Deeply Engraved into the stone surface.

• The engraving can be left the Natural Stone Color or we can apply a flat black fill for Enhancement.

• The Engraved Stone is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

• Penetrating Sealer is applied to some stones that are porous (ie. some sandstones).

• All Standard Orders include Free Shipping.

* On occasion, a design with increased complexity (ie. high word counts, multi-color paint jobs, complex graphics, etc.) may require a custom price quote. If this is the case, we’ll be sure to let you know right away.


Usually 2 to 3 Weeks from Order to Ship. Mainly dependent on shop work-load. Holidays and the Gardening Season can be busier times. This process involves many steps and is approximately 90% hand-work.

Shipping Time: 2 to 5 Days via FedEx, USPS Priority Mail, or UPS.

Expedited Service is Sometimes Available Upon Request (with a nominal fee).


Each custom engraved rock or stone is unique and made to order. This is based upon your design request, the type of stone used, and the actual stone itself. Since all of our offerings are natural rocks & stones, no two will be exactly alike.

In most cases, up to half of our time and labor is spent searching for, hand selecting and preparing your stone for the design proofing part of the process. Almost all of the work that goes into producing your custom stone engraving is done by hand, with the exception of the final design being cut out of an engraving stencil on our computerized blade plotter.

Based upon the very nature of this type of custom work, we must account for our time and material that goes into each order.

CANCELLATIONS: With the exception of Rush / Expedited / Special orders, you may request a cancellation of your order within 24 hours of our receipt of it. We will refund the full purchase amount minus any payment processing fees that we have incurred.

REFUNDS / EXCHANGES: Many example photos of our past work are displayed on our website, social sites, and other venues which we use to sell our personalized stones and other work. These are intended to demonstrate to you the overall quality of our work, what is possible with our engraving process, as well as the stone diversity that you can expect from our stone engraving service. We always do our very best work for each and every one of our customers. Because we are working with natural rocks and stone, there is no “perfect” engraving due to variables in these natural materials that are beyond our control. Again, we always strive to do our very best for you.

As a general rule, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on our engraved stones, since they are custom made to fulfill your order. That being stated, please contact us with any issues or concerns that you may have and we’ll do our best to address those.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: We spend a great deal of time and expense in carefully packaging our stones for shipment. It is relatively rare, but shipping damage can occur from time to time. You must report any shipping damage to us within 24 hrs of delivery in order for us to go through the process of either filing a carrier claim or replacing the damaged stone. If the box shows signs of mishandling (even if it doesn’t), please TAKE PHOTOS PRIOR TO OPENING. We will replace a damaged stone only once. If it is damaged a second time, then it is most likely a local handling issue to your area and we will ask that you file a claim with the carrier.

GIFT CARDS purchased through our website, may be redeemed towards any items that we sell through our website.  Gift Cards are non-refundable / non-returnable. Any balance remaining after a transaction can be applied towards a future purchase. Any unused balance is non-refundable.

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Please explore our website to see the many examples of our engraving work.

We look forward to working with you!

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