Pet Memorials

Our Natural Stone Pet Memorials are Engraved Deeply with your Personalized Design. Hand Selected, these River Rock & Stepping Stone Pet Memorials will bring warm memories of your faithful companion.

Natural Stone Pet Memorials | River Rock Pet Memorial | Dog Memorial Rock

Natural Stone • Layout & Photos • Deep Engraving • Free Shipping

Our Natural Stone Pet Memorials are a beautiful way to remember your faithful Dog, Cat, Horse, or any Beloved Pet. Each Rock or Stone is Hand Selected and Carved Deeply for beauty & durability. Pet Memorial Stone Choices include; River Rocks, Stepping Stones, Bluestone, Rainbow Stone and Ledge Stone. We have access to many Graphics, including various Dog Breeds. We can also Engrave a Photo Likeness of your Pet. View some of our latest Pet Memorial Stone examples on our Google Business Profile.

**PET PHOTOS: For those interested in having a graphic rendition of their pet engraved into the stone; This is a complex process, since the type of engraving we do is 90% hand-work (stencil / sandblasting). The photo is sent to a professional graphics artist who renders a simplified, black & white graphic likeness of the animal’s head. It also requires special stone characteristics that are much harder to come by, especially in river rocks.

Your text should be kept to a minimum so that there will be ample room on the stone to engrave the graphic, at the size needed for this process to work properly. The digital photo should be high resolution, a close up and well focused. The minimal stone size for pet photos is our large size river rock. Keep in mind that all graphics artist have there own style. If needed, they will usually make one revision free of charge. Because of the special stone requirements, professional artist service, and additional labor in creating a stone engraving like this, the added cost is $95 and will be billed separately.

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