Personalized Stone Designs

The process of Engraving a Rock or Stone successfully, and with pleasing results, depends upon many factors.  The sandblasting (or sand carving) method of Stone Engraving is about 90 percent Hand Work.  Experience is the Greatest Asset here.  There are physical limits to the amount of detail that is possible with a stencil / sandblasting method.  Although, here at Earth Surface Engraving, we have pushed those limits on more than one occasion and have achieved results which have surprised even us.  Stone Type, density, surface condition, shape, etc., all play a role in the Quality of Engraving which one can achieve with this method of Engraving.  Most folks looking to have a Stone Engraved with a Custom Design are not familiar with this process or just how labor intensive it can be.  Many times we are asked to Engrave a large quantity of words and graphics which end up filling the entire Engravable Surface of the Stone.  Having Designed and Engraved many thousands of Rocks and Stones over the years, we believe that the more simple and straight forward designs are usually the best way to go with a Custom Stone Engraving.  Less is (usually) More.
Bill Orr / Gabriel Torres
Earth Surface Engraving

Natural Stone Pet Memorial custom engraved for dog, cat, horse, bird, and all animals
Natural Stone Pet Memorial