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Engraved Rocks & Personalized Garden Stones

Earth Surface Engraving is fast approaching Our Tenth Year In Business!  We feel that it’s been long overdue that we begin our own blog on all things Engraving that relate to the products we produce.  This, of course, includes Custom Engraved Rocks and Stone.  Some of the specific items that we make include; Memorial Stones […]

Pet Memorial Stones

Those of us with Pets in our lives, know just how important they become to ourselves and our families.  Dog, Cat, Horse, Bird, Hamster, and so many more.  They bring Loyalty and Comfort to us throughout their, all too short, lives.  We can honor these beloved members of our family with a Natural Stone that […]

Less is More for Engraved Stone Designs

Less is More for Engraved Stone Designs Garden Stepping Stone Personalized

The process of Engraving a Rock or Stone successfully, and with pleasing results, depends upon many factors.  The sandblasting (or sand carving) method of Stone Engraving is about 90 percent Hand Work.  Experience is the Greatest Asset here.  There are physical limits to the amount of detail that is possible with a stencil / sandblasting […]

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