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For over a decade now, Earth Surface Engraving has been making beautiful memorial stones, address stones, pet memorial rocks and personalized garden stones. Our engraved stones are natural and unique. Hand selected and carved deeply for beauty & durability, these engraved rocks & custom garden stones are made to endure. We take great pride in our craft, knowing that we always put our best into producing a personalized stone that will please our customer and stand the test of time.

Meticulous Craftsmanship, Attention to Detail, Customer Focus from Design to Finish.

Earth Surface Engraving, where you can find engraved rocks & custom garden stones for any occasion. Thousands of happy customers over the past 11+ years.

Earth Surface Engraving

A custom engraved stone from Earth Surface Engraving is meticulously crafted to last for generations.

Each river rock, stepping stone, ledge stone, bluestone, sandstone and palm stone is hand selected and carefully inspected for structural integrity, beauty and unique characteristics.

The process of creating your engraved stone involves many steps. We utilize a sandblasting method to engrave deeply into the stone’s surface. Unlike laser etching, our stone engraving process renders your design with depth so that it will not become worn from the elements of nature.

We take great pride in every engraved rock and stone that we produce and provide each and every one of our customers the personalized and attentive service that is to be expected when ordering a custom stone engraving.

There are countless possibilities with stone engraving. A few examples would be for; address stones, rocks with name engraved, garden memorial stones, pet memorials, personalized stepping stones & garden rocks, engraved stone gifts unique to an anniversary, wedding, baptism, birthday, newborn, coworker, award, loved one, or as an expression of support, encouragement, or sympathy.

We very much look forward to working with you on a personalized stone design and creating a truly unique stone engraving that will be cherished for life.

Providing the Highest Quality Custom Engraved Stone, Wood Carving, and Personalized Laser Engraving Since 2012. Quality and Customer Focus is what we are About – Earth Surface Engraving.

~ Bill Orr and Gabriel Torres

Please explore our website to see the many examples of our engraving work.

We look forward to working with you!

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